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The Best Earplugs 

Rock n' roll is loud. I used to think I would look like a dork or a wuss if I wore earplugs in a venue. As I spent more years in rock n' roll I realized that all the lifelong musicians have trouble hearing as they get older. It's almost a badge of honor. For every time an older musician says "what?" it is a mark of how much they have lived and seen. It's kinda cool when you think about it. 

However...I don't want to lose my hearing. Fuck it, I'm wearing earplugs. You should too if you are a lover of live…

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Singer's Voodoo 

Someone once asked me "what's your voodoo?". 

Singers are weird. We all have our superstitions and rituals before a performance. Our instrument is odd because you can't see it. Even when your throat feels great, you can still ribbit at the wrong time. The diaphragm muscle has literally no nerves - you can't feel if it is fatigued or strained (well, it shouldn't be, but that is another post altogether). 

To be on my A game, it takes discipline throughout the week. Assuming I have been doing my scales and…

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