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Featuring the vocal prowess of Sarah Pinzon and a supporting band of world class musicians, Patitude is dedicated to paying tribute to the music of Pat Benatar while adding a healthy dose of 80's style strut and swagger to their live show that leaves their fans screaming for more!


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Previous events


Patitude with the Iron Madiens and Second Sting

Jazz Bones, 2803 6th Ave, Tacoma

Patitude returns to Jazz Bones! Second Sting will join us on the bill and the Iron Maidens will headline. Doors open at 8:00. 21 and over only


Patitude with the Iron Maidens and Rainbow Rising

Jazz Bones, 2803 6th Ave, Tacoma

Iron Maidens will head line this show. Also on the bill will be Rainbow Rising and Patitude as Patitiude!

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